Upcoming Solo Exhibition in Mexico City

TBD 2021, Gordon will have a solo exhibition of her series A Cuore Aperto at the Museo de la Medicina Antiguo Palacio de la Escuela de Medicina Brasil No. 33, esquina con Venezuela Plaza de Sto. Domingo | Centro Histórico, Mexico City

Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City

February 2020, Visited the Contemporary Art Museum (MUAC) at the central campus of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). The main exhibition was a retrospective of the stunning work of Manuel Felguerez, a prominent figure in developing contemporary art in Mexico.

Protesting Femicide in Mexico

February 2020, Undervalued and exploited, ten women are killed in Mexico every day and these hate crimes against women are increasing. Most of these crimes are unsolved and unpunished. These photos were taken by Gordon at a protest rally in the Zocalo in Mexico City.


February 2020, Photo taken by Gordon at a newspaper stand in the Zocalo, Mexico City Frida Kahlo has become a global icon but she is especially present for those who live in Coyoacon, the Colonia in Mexico City where she lived with Diego Rivera. I visited my friends Gennie and Francisco, who live next door to La Casa Azul. Gennie was able to charm the guards to allow us to enter, so that for the first time, I could experience the house, the property, Frida's belongings and collections (her ashes were in an urn shaped like a toad), and her early paintings (I had seen many originals of Frida's famous paintings, but I had never seen the early work). Maravillosa!

El Museo de la Mujer

February 2020, Visited El Museo de la Mujer in Mexico City in order to plan her exhibition there, planned for the summer of 2020.