Cuba Photographic Expedition

February 2019, Spent 10 days traveling Cuba on a photographic expedition. Visited Remedios, Santa Clara, Trinidad and Havana.

Lensculture Photography Competition

February 2019, Lensculture Potrait Photography Competition, juried by an international group of photographers. Gordon's work is featured in the Lensculture Portrait Competition Gallery; the Lensculture review of her featured submissions is below and a gallery of photos at bottom. Lensculture Art Photography Competition 2019 Review of Gordon’s series “Becoming a Bird” (aka “The woman who becomes a bird”) Your portfolio . . . titled, “Becoming a Bird” . . . was chosen . . . for review because it’s visually interesting. . . . and it is very much a cohesive series. You provided an insightful statement that sets the scene for the viewer. You explain that the series is, “based on the legend o