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Thank you Lensculture!

November 2020, Gordon's work is featured in the LensCulture Art Photography Competition Gallery 2020, which shows "a highly curated group of images selected by worldclass editors to showcase only the best photos submitted by photographers from all over the world". The work, collages from her series The Woman Who Becomes A Bird,

A Lensculture Reviewer commented on the work:

"One of the things that I love about this project is how utterly different it is. In other words, I feel you are using so many novel ways of thinking to explore this beautiful and creative evolution. There is the collage, there are references to mythology, you are breaking with the traditional photographic rectangle and then exploring the shape that the collage makes... I personally find this very exciting . . . . These images feel like they are made from a confident creative space that incorporates your broad talents with many media. And, I find the project is very endearing.There is something beautiful about this transformation as it happens. . . . No less, the little details you have included, like the fingers forming the texture of the feathers, is a thoughtful and bright way of describing the bird . . . . I feel like I could study these images for a long time Janice. There are so many wonderful nuances I continue to discover. And I feel this type of talent could be extended in many directions."


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