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National Public Radio (NPR) Science Friday interview

September, 2010, National Public Radio (NPR) Science Friday interview of artist by SciArts producer Katherine Wells. Site description of interview: Pioneering 17th century scientist William Harvey was the first to accurately describe the heart as a pump for blood, and yet he was often baffled by it. While attempting to study its movement in action, he once wrote: “I found the task so truly arduous…that I was almost tempted to think…that the movement of the heart was only to be comprehended by God.”Like Harvey, artist Janice Gordon is interested in both the physiological anatomy and the philosophical mystery of the heart. She creates delicate sculptures out of shells, paper, and parts of medical devices that have been used in heart surgery. In the video, she talks about her work and the enigma of our anatomy (NPR link no longer live).

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