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The Woman Who Becomes a Bird

Museo Iconografico del Quijote

Guanajuato Capital, Guanjuato, Mexico

February - April 2022

"The Woman Who Becomes a Bird" is a photographic and collage series which reveals the process of transformation through the metamorphosis of corporeal images. Since ancient times, birds have represented the celestial possibility of going beyond - leaving the constraints of gravity to fly free, to transcend the earthly concerns defined by the strictures of society and the demands of a corporeal existence, to express the hidden voice within and to touch the mystery beyond the material world. Birds have acted as symbols for the human desire to explore the liminal space between body and spirit, between heaven and earth, between being and becoming. This series is about that yearning. Combining closeup images of the "becoming," the series is a visual exploration of a woman experiencing a transformation. This woman represents all women - indeed, all sentient beings - who seek to experience and reveal a part of themselves that has been kept hidden, who seek to find their voice, manifest their power, free themselves from biology and destiny; and in a final transformation, touch the eternal, integrating body and spirit.

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