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Matters of the Heart



In my ongoing series, Matters of the Heart, I explored the complex nature of the heart as metaphor and as the anatomical center of our being. In my sculptures, I combined natural materials which echo the fragility of the human body, with biomedical materials used in contemporary cardiac procedures. While my working process is intuitive, studying the anatomy and physiology of the heart has informed my work. I have had collaborative support from Toronto cardiologist Dr. David Newman, who provided me with opportunities to observe both electrophysiology procedures and open heart surgery.In researching the history of the heart from an artistic, cultural and medical point of view,

I traced the depiction of the heart over the last 500 years and how it changed as medical knowledge advanced. I have given presentations about this interchange to diverse audiences in the United States, Canada and Italy. The series Matters of the Heart was highlighted in 2010 in Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. and was featured in a video interview by National Public Radio’s SciArts. See below for a book about Matters of the Heart.

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