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From Cuba With Love:  Edmundo

Edmundo fell in love with Felicia in Havana when they were both 16. Edmundo had grown up in Cuba, and Felicia had arrived as a young girl, fleeing Belgium during the Holocaust.  Separated when Felicia’s family moved to New York, Edmundo went on to become an influential figure in support of  the Cuban Revolution.  He became famous for writing a world renowned novel about the Revolution; However, he eventually defected from Cuba when the Castro regime put restrictions on free speech.  Edmundo and Felicia rediscovered each other decades after their teenage love affair in Cuba.  Edmundo has grown old, and is quite frail at over 90 years. He is  living with Felicia in New York City, but is largely staying in his own suite, with an extensive library, art objects and memories of his participation in Cuban history.  These are candid, handheld photographs of Edmundo and his milieu. 

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